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A place where no one has to worry about what they can't eat.

Mike and Steph Venezia opened Aurora's Café in 2022 because they noticed so many places that couldn't serve people who had a variety of allergies and food sensitivities.

Steph started making jewelry when she was around 14 years old and found a passion for the art. As an adult she started working in retail and restaurants, but was never able to eat at those places because of food sensitivities. She started working as a café manager for a very well-known corporation and received regional accolades for her work in both management and product knowledge. Steph is now owner/partner at Aurora's Café and specializes in sweet treats and pastries.

Mike started his career in the US Air Force, afterwards pursued a degree in Computer Science, then transferred to a business degree. He utilizes his knowledge in his partnership at Aurora's Café to run the business behind the scenes and is now the owner/partner and specializes in baked goods and meals.

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